6 Days of Drinking

This. This is what I've drank in the last 6 days.


19 litres of wine. $300 (Canadian) in wine. In less than a week.

And most are the big bottles.

2 of them a day, I'd say.

Hubs says I'm missing some, because he took some out already.

The empties just pile up like regrets.


The families I could feed with that money. The bills I could pay off.

The life I could live without the regrets.

The shit I could get done without the hangovers. But honestly, I barely get hungover anymore. My body is just...nope. Perhaps I'm in a constant cycle of drunk/hungover and I can't tell the difference anymore.

6 days. 19 Litres. 

Most people don't drink that in a year or more.

I'm just placing this here so I can look back one day, and realize where I came from.

Because looking at this photo makes me sick.

Counting down the hours until I go to rehab.

Because I can't do this anymore.

Sober, alcohol free recovery blogger.

Photographer. Writer. Ex-Blackout Artist.

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